You dreamed of a lightweight sled

for freedive ?

Août 2019 © Lightweight freediving sled ABYSSEA is a trademark and registered model of Studio Panthera.

All rights reserved.

Easy to transport and convenient to install


Security objective…


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Elaborate design

Easy transportation

With its miniature dimensions and

his featherweight, ABYSSEA is lodged easily

in his carrying bag, without disassembly.

Find the pleasure of traveling light with

an freedive workshop finally easy to carry !

Quick installation

NB : The no-limit practice is at risk if it is not done with prior training

and / or with, at least, a supervisor qualified apnea, in accordance

with the rules of safety of the practice of freedive, and with a gradual adaptation to depth.


Fruit of 2 years of development

and an elaborate 3D design,

ABYSSEA will offer you

new sensations vertical freedive.

Positioned head up or head down,

discover the ease of piloting.

With your lightweight freediving sled ABYSSEA already mounted, its implementation is simple and fast.

Make the assembly of your workshop

in a few minutes for your greatest pleasure :

practice !


Quick and easy attachment

of the lift bag to a long shackle

and a carabiner with locking screw


Easy opening under load

with reactive blocking system

without damage for the rope


Handles and rope fairlead

leave the rope appearing all along the mat

and limit friction and jamming


A quarter turn stainless steel valve

ensures easy opening, convenient

and a quick inflation trigger


2 ergonomic wedges + 2 straps

ensure optimal support

of the diving tank


A new low handle

adapted to slip weights

secured by smart stop-disk

Security objective

Inflation system with quarter turn valve :

easy and efficient inflation

Invisible screws or cup washer

+ Nylstop blind nut :

secure fasteners and without risk of injury

Clutches Spinlock XTR : easy opening under load and rapid reactive blocking system

Double ergonomic wedge + two straps :
keeps the diving tank optimal

Visible rope all along the mast :

limited risk of floating debris that can trap

the lightweight freediving sled ABYSSEA

Low handle adapted to slide weights on each side : 2 weighting discs 5 and 1.5 kg (or max 13 kg)

+ locking clips

NB : The no-limit practice is at risk if it is not done with prior training and / or with, at least, a supervisor qualified freediving,

in accordance with the rules of safety of the freedive practice, and with a gradual adaptation to depth.



Contact : Lionel HENNEBERT - +33 (0)6 42 22 85 76 -

Août 2019 © Lightweight sled for freedive ABYSSEA is a trademark and registered model of Panthera Studio - All rights reserved.

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